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Who’s Afraid

12th Sant Joan de Déu Children’s Hospital Award 2010.


Pau has to stay at home because he’s ill. But he’s afraid of monsters and his parents tell him fantasy stories … until an unexpected event makes them realise that the fantasies may be real.

The retro illustrations by Sergio Mora will connect with the imaginary of very many parents and will delight the little ones. An imaginative, special album to tackle the subject of fear in an enjoyable and brilliant way. A book that opens vertically and means that the children won’t miss a thing as the adult reads.

About the authors

Pere Vilà i Barceló is a scriptwriter and short film director. He has won several prizes in this field.

Sergio Mora. A painter, illustrator and videoclip maker, he is one of the most published illustrators at the present time. He has also put on many exhibitions all over the world and is a performance genius.