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La Galera - Presentation


Only with a great deal of passion was it possible to build from scratch, in 1963, a publishing house crucial for understanding children’s and young adult literature in this country: la Galera.

And only by keeping this passion alive has it been possible, 57 years later, for that small company publishing two titles a year to become one of the most important in Catalonia and Spain, with over 200 new titles annually.

It is a passion that is seen clearly in the firm commitment to the authors’ policy, which led us to publish for the first time many of those who would later become the great authors of children’s and young adult literature in the second half of the 20th century. And, from 2009 onwards, to create different labels and expand the range of authors with many of the finest established names and the most promising newcomers, thus initiating the most sustained period of growth in the publishing house’s history.

With the same passion, la Galera is facing the new challenges of a world that now takes very little notice of frontiers. Exportation and international rights sales have made it possible to have bestsellers in Europe, Latin America and Asia simultaneously.

Thus, more than 50 years after it was founded, la Galera is stronger, bigger and more important than ever. The only thing that remains exactly the same is, needless to say, the passion.

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