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The Island of Paidonesia

A hilarious story which paints an ironic picture of adult life.

Nicolás, a nine-year-old boy, goes sailing with his parents only to find he is bored! They never have any fun and his parents are always arguing.

So one day, Nicolás decides to set sail in one of the lifeboats to a tiny island. There, he writes about his adventures. More and more children come to the island, the adults can do nothing about it, and things get worse and worse – or perhaps better and better!

A funny story that shows how children act out the adult world and mimic society. A story composed entirely of letters which make you laugh and think at the same time.

About the authors

Oriol Canosa is a writer of children’s books, and works in a bookshop specialising in children’s and YA literature and gastronomy. Apart from publishing short stories and novels for children, he has also contributed to children’s magazines. When he gets tired of books he goes out walking and has already crossed Europe on foot several times.

Gabriel Salvadó is an illustrator but also a screenwriter. He has illustrated books, written tv show scripts and done radio