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Teenagers. The Handbook.

The new phenomenon in Spain, with 30,000 copies sold since February and 4 editions in 4 months.

Much more than the book of the year - the book of a whole generation!

Mar Guixé
Illustrator. At school her Fotolog was a smash hit,
gaining her the distinction of most popular girl,
2000-2001. Later she got a degree in Fine Arts.

Miki Esparbé
An actor with a degree in Humanities, a tightrope
walker on slack ropes and a part-time stripper in old
people’s homes. His aspirations are planting a pine
tree, having a child and publishing this story.

About the authors

Paco Caballero
Engineer, scriptwriter and director, he is working on
his first feature film, Friday. He has made shorts like
the viral Double Check, with which he received over a
million visits in just a month.



José Luis is a loser nearing thirty. You know the type: all his exgirlfriends have dumped him for the nearest hipster.
Claudia, with whom he has had a platonic love affair ever since they were at school togethe, turns up again in his life. She used to be a grunge/rapper/goth/rasta/raver but now she’s the coolest hipster in town. This is his only chance to win her over and get the life he always wanted – he’d better not screw up.

“Has all the ingredients needed to be a best-seller: ukuleles, Tactel, track suits, word searches, Victoria’s Secret models, Primperan, rude vocabulary, men in underpants and drawings. Lots of drawings.”

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Not So High, Not So Difficult is a genuine crossover, a work that all kinds of readers will love, and for different reasons.

It is the story, told in the first person, of the first Spanish-speaking woman to climb Everest.

It is a practical book on how the same tenacity and resolve can help readers to achieve any goal they set for themselves.

It is also an eyewitness account of some very important events. For instance, in 1996 four expeditions to Everest suffered fatalities, which caused a huge international stir and gave rise to a major controversial bestseller: Into Thin Air, by Jon Krakauer. Araceli was part of the rescue teams and in Not So High, Not So Difficult she gives us her fascinating and dramatic first person account.

Inspirational. Controversial. Dramatic. Araceli Segarra’s debut as a writer will, logically, reach new heights.

When she decided to take part in a film about mountaineering, the result was Everest, the biggest IMAX film box-office success of all time.

And when she decided that her experience could help a lot of companies achieve excellence, her motivational speeches were (and still are) requested by the biggest corporations, among them BASF, Danone, Deutsche Bank, Henkel, HP, Microsoft and Unilever.

The book includes the first tips and comments that appeared on the website www.adolescents.cat, the most successful website among Catalan teenagers, with 1 million visits per month, 220,000 unique visitors and more than 5,000,000 impressions. Thousands and thousands of teenagers, aged between 12 and 21, participate in this publishing and website success.

As a publisher I have never experienced such a huge YA mass phenomenon”, says Iolanda Batallé, publishing director of La Galera.

This phenomenon perfectly matches the new YA trend: self-help books for teenagers.

In this book teenagers find everything they need to know about love, studies, friends, sex and social networks, tips and at the end of the book a series of tests to find out if you are a jealous person, if someone is playing with your feelings, if your partner has been unfaithful, if you are just friends or more than friends, if you are addicted to the social media, etc.

The second book includes a poster and lots of colourful photos.

Moreover, this book is also useful for parents: it helps them to understand what their kids are like and to accompany them in such a special and complicated period of their lives.

Mass presentations have become a symbol for TEENAGERS. THE HANDBOOK.