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Lights, Camera, Sentinels!

With a great power comes great share!

A TV host decides to give up his gossip show and become a hero of justice. He and his schoolfriend set up Sentinels, a reality show where ten people will be turned into a team of heroes and fight for peace, justice and share.

Their life as a group is fascinating but chaotic, and their missions are a far cry from the epic feats of Marvel or DC Comics. An evil enemy, Doctor Terror, will do everything he can to stop them.

A sarcastic, fast-paced novel about the darker side of television, fame,reality shows, superheroes, friendship and love.

“All Martin’s friends knew he had an amazing world of his own, but his books have opened it up to everyone!”
Dani Mateo, stand-up comedian and TV host.

“Daring, agile, brave, critical and different. Martin Piñol has written a book nobody would ever dare todo.”
Care Santos, novelist.

“Humour, adventures and good feelings in a tale from the wonderful Martín Piñol. You will devour it. And he always makes sure his mobile phone is charged, so you can bet there won’t be any spelling mistakes.”
Leticia Dolera, actress, director and screenwriter.

“I’ve never read anything like it. Piñol appears to have lost his mind but it’s great. If you like superheroes, sarcasm and laughing at absurdity, this is the book for you.”
Blue Jeans, novelist.

About the author

Martín Piñol is a highly regarded writer of children’s and YA literature in Spain and Catalonia and has published more than twenty-five books. His series Monsters’ Kitchen is an international bestseller. He has worked as a scriptwriter and teacher. He also writes for newspapers and is an acclaimed stand-up comedian.