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One Family's Odyssey

"Why are we leaving?
Why do we have to walk so much?
What about my toys?
And my bed?
I'm scared."

Never has a fictional story been so real.

Refugee is a marvellous picture book to raise the awareness of the whole family about the plight of refugees, perfect for understanding their painful reality and to explain it to young children.

“Why have they woken me up in such a rush? It is still dark outside. We leave carrying only a few things. We are not going for a day out. Everyone looks scared and sad. I’m scared. Dad holds my hand tightly. It hurts. I feel like crying. But I don’t. Where are we going? Why are we running away?”

These are some of the questions posed by the protagonist of this story
with so much reality in it. Author Tessa Julià and illustrator Anna Gordillo
have joined forces to present us with a beautiful yet unsettling picture
book about the crude reality faced by refugees, but offering a glimmer of hope.

Part of the profits generated from the sales of the Spanish and Catalan
editions will be donated to Open Arms, a non governmental organisation dedicated to helping refugees.

About the authors

Tessa Julià combines her work as a teacher with her writing. In 2011 she published her first novel for children, shortly followed by two more stories. Her first novel for adults was published in 2014.

Anna Gordillo studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. In 2016 she was runner up for the MacMillan Illustration Award and her work was included in an exhibition on up-andcoming children’s illustrators at Tsinghua University (Beijing).