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Noel’s Looking for You

A pulsating thriller that keeps you hooked until the very last page, with a perfect subject for teenagers: the search for one’s own identity.


Enric wakes up in a hospital. There is police at the door, and he doesn’t know who to trust. He only has a few disjointed memories of who he is and why he has ended up in there. Someone visits him and claims to know all about it, but Enric has every reason to doubt this... As he starts finding things out, he is struck by a very worrying suspicion: What if he discovers who he is, and he ends up not liking himself and his life?

Proposed by OEPLI for IBBY Writers List of Honour 2013.

From the expert hand of Àngel Burgas, this book will excite readers of almost any age. It can be read simply as a thriller.

About the author

Àngel Burgas is one of the great names in children’s and YA Catalan literature.
Winner of the most important literary prizes, his very visual style and his sense of humour are ideal for reaching out to his readership.