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A story so special that the real-life protagonist has its own statue in Tokyo, and which has been turned into a film on various occasions,the latest stars Richard Gere.

Millions of travellers every year see the metal statue of a dog in front of Shibuya Station, in Tokyo.

Many may wonder who this dog was. But not the locals, since the story of professor Ueno and his dog Hachiko is legendary. There was even a Japanese movie devoted to it in the 80’s, which was remade by Hollywood in 2009, Hachiko, A Dog’s Tale, starring Richard Gere.

Ueno, a lecturer at Tokyo University, finds a dog one day and adopts it. The animal is so faithful that, day-in and day-out, it accompanies him to the train station and waits there untill Ueno returns. A relationship that nothing, not even separation, not even something worse,can break.

Hachiko: The Dog Who Waited has been published in countries like China and Vietnam.

With exquisite illustrations by one of Spain’s most awarded new talents, Zuzanna Celej.

Press Releases

One of the year’s Top 10 best
ABC, newspaper.
One of the year’s Top 5 best
El País, newspaper.
Book of the year
Leer en caso de incendio, online magazine.
“The author who’s best assimilated the traditional virtues of narration
Leer, literary magazine.

About the authors

Lluís Prats
studied Art History and Archaeology. He has worked as a teacher, editor and film producer in Los Angeles. He has written non-fiction, historical novels, art books and over a dozen children’s and young adult novels translated into various languages.

Zuzanna Celej has a unique graphic style that have made her one of the most iconic illustrators working in Catalonia and Spain today. She has illustrated dozens of books, several with la Galera and has won international awards and recognition.