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Backwards and Forwards

Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital Award 2014.

Backwards and Forwards is a pleasantly “transgressive” story, which captivated the jury for its sense of humour and the message of non-conformity and the wish to break with pre-established roles. Simply and with a great deal of fantasy, Mila gives us a master class in how to overcome fears and taboos.

Mila used to do everything the wrong way round: in the morning she would say “good morning, Dad” to her mother, she went to school in her pyjamas and got dressed to go to bed. It was impossible to make her understand that she was doing things the wrong way round. And this did not help at school: her classmates were fed up of her kicking the ball with her hands. And she, of course, laughed instead of cried.

About the authors

Elisabet Alemany
Born in Barcelona in 1973, she has lived for the theatre performing, directing and teaching young children. She has done a Postgraduate course in Mediation for the Promotion of Reading and several Oral Narration workshops.

Gustavo Roldán
Born in Argentina in 1965,he has been publishing in various graphic media publications and putting on exhibitions since 1985. Among other prizes he has received the ALIJA List of Honour (IBBY-Argentina), the Octagon Prize (CIELJ-France). In 2011 he was awarded the Junceda Prize (APIC, Catalonia). He has exhibited in several countries: Italy, Japan, Slovakia, Mexico and Argentina. He currently lives and works in Barcelona.