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The Boy from the Football Academy

A book about personal growth and being in the youth academy of a big city’s football team.

A story about football, friendship, sport and life, with a sprink of love.

Eleven-year-old Nico Parra comes to the capital to try out for the city’s best team. He trains and shares his biggest hopes, dreams and expectations with the rest of the team. Their struggles and responsibilities teach them much more than football skills: they learn about life and how to deal with it in ways that readers will truly identify with.

About the authors

Lluís Prats
studied Art History and Archaeology. He has worked as a teacher, editor and film producer in Los Angeles. He has written non-fiction, historical novels, art books and over a dozen children’s and young adult novels translated into various languages.

Zuzanna Celej has a unique graphic style that have made her one of the most iconic illustrators working in Catalonia and Spain today. She has illustrated dozens of books, several with la Galera and has won international awards and recognition.