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I, Elvis Riboldi Series

More than 75,000 copies sold

The most likeable whirlwind in the publishing world, very soon a TV sensation!

Elvis sweeps all before him!

Not only has he been published in France, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Poland and Italy, but Elvis Riboldi will soon be a European TV cartoon series, already a winner of the Best Project prize awarded by the Disney Channel.

Elvis has an uncanny ability to break, blow up or bring down anything –always by accident. Together with enough schoolmates and adult accomplices to fill a lunatic asylum, he leaps from one adventure to the next, all of them as incredible as they are hilarious.



Elvis is a boy who’s highly destructive and adorable at the same time. He has an uncanny ability to break, blow up or bring down anything - always unwillingly.

Along with his Pakistani friend Boris, his “maybe-girlfriend” Emma and a group of adults with whom you could fill a lunatic asylum, he lives adventures as incredible as they are fun-filled. There are humorous references and homages to all sorts of books, films and television series.

About the author

Bono Bidari is the pseudonym of three scriptwriters (Jaume Copons, Daniel Cerdà and Ramon Cabrera), responsible for TV series like the Spanish Sesame Street and Los Lunnis, joined by one of the most successful Catalan illustrators, Òscar Julve.