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The Old Oak Legacy

A universal hymn reminiscent of so many classics, but unlike any of them.

A boy and a girl, a grandfather who lives in his attic surrounded by books and knick-knacks, a storyteller. A mistake in the forest, the weight of remorse. And a key that the grandfather gives to the children: the key to the world of Grandfather Oak, the Great Oak.

A vast novel unfolds before our eyes, with roots that go back to Gilgamesh and the great mythologies, The Thousand and One Nights or Jan Potocki, as well as C.S. Lewis and the classics of the twentieth century.

The Old Oak Legacy
weaves together countless plots that grow until the epic confrontations of the Third (and last) part. Unforgettable characters, dozens upon dozens, pass through The Old Oak Legacy and interweave their stories, from the Yoghurt Boy to Mrs Dickinson (Emily), Ahab the dragon hunter, or the samurai cellist Miyamoto-Yoyo.

With incredible illustrations by one of Spain’s top new talents, the Polish-born Zuzanna Celej.

Press Releases

One of the year’s 10 best. - ABC

One of the year’s 5 best. - El País

Book of the year. - Leer en caso de incendio

The author who’s best assimilated the traditional virtues of narration. - Leer

About the authors

J.L. Badal teaches language and literature, and writes novels and poems. 20 years ago he started studying tai chi and now he gives classes. He also works on story-telling projects and plays the cello.

Zuzanna Celej has a unique graphic style that have made her one of the most iconic illustrators working in Catalonia and Spain today. She has illustrated dozens of books, several with la Galera and has won international awards and recognition.