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Max Picard

If you want to learn science first you have to learn to love science.

There are no interesting or boring topics in science, just good or bad explanations.

In the wake of the huge success of The Door with Three Locks by Sonia Fernández-Vidal, the writer and popular broadcaster Marc Boada combines fiction and science in this series with Max Picard. Max is a curious boy who will get into frantic and fun adventures to discover the secrets of science.

The books are 100% fun, full of hilarious storylines and including a host of experiments that the author proposes to the young readers, described with detailed instructions and comic-strip drawings so that they can be done easily.

From the principles of energy and gravity to the mysteries of fossils: an exciting and thrilling journey on which we discover how rigorous and crazy science can be.

A mixture of fiction and non-fiction to enjoy learning physics and palaeontology… whether you like science or not.

First title - Max Picard and Foucault’s Damned Pendulum

Second title - Max Picard and the Dinosaurs' Enigma

About the author

Marc Boada is a passionate scientist. He designs and builds the most outlandish devices for exhibitions and science museums. He’s the presenter of QuèQuiCom, the most popular educational programme on Catalan TV. He speaks very quickly without pausing (on radio and television programmes too), and he thinks even more quickly. He sleeps deeply.