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The Tales of Patatu

The Tales of Patatu the country clown and his friends is set in a fantastic ideal world, in order to awaken the imagination of early readers.

“Many of the best children’s literature comes from the stories that
were told by authors to their own children (for instance,
T.S. Eliot and his Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats)”.


Àngels Bassas created the character of Patatu, his friends and his entire world during the daily 20-minute journeys in which she took her son to school. These virtually improvised stories were so successful that shortly afterwards her local library asked her to tell them at a children’s session.

After a long search for illustrators to give Patatu a unique graphic personality, this responsibility fell to the talented Pedro Rodríguez.


About the author

Àngels Bassas is one of the great actresses on the Spanish scene, The Tales of Patatu mark her debut in children’s literature. She is currently involved in the adaptation of The Tales of Patatu’s musical show.