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Dragon Girl Series

Dragon Girl is the new series by the writers of The Monster’s Kitchen.

Dragons are real! Even if your parents say they are not, and your teachers and your nosy neighbour say so too. If dragons didn’t exist, why would they be in films?

Groar Dragonson is an actor, the son of other actors. He is a dragon and he is raging. He has just heard about the legend of Saint George! Killing the dragon? This calls for vengeance!

Full-colour illustrations, a wonderful script and a lot of laughter, Dragon Girl is the new series by the creators of Monster's Kitchen

About the authors

Martín Piñol is a highly regarded writer of children’s and YA literature in Spain and Catalonia and has published more than twenty-five books. His series Monsters’ Kitchen is an international bestseller. He has worked as a scriptwriter and teacher. He also writes for newspapers and is an acclaimed stand-up comedian.

Víctor Diez aka Votric has been illustrating for books, comics, television shows as well as videogames for years. Dragon Girl is his second collaboration with la Galera