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Yellow Van Series

A new series with universal appeal by la Galera’s best-selling illustrator.

No other van will take you as far.

Imagine what a surprise for Max and Mia’s family when they discover that the second-hand van they have just bought travels not only to the most unique, far-flung places, but also through time!

With its funny, simple verses and off-centre humour, this series is ideal for parents to read aloud to their children. Full of activities to complement the reading, the series also challenges the reader’s observation skills, making them books to be read and re-read time and time again.

1/ Max and Mia in the Stone Age
2/ Max and Mia and the Pirates
3/ Max and Mia and the Dragons
4/ Max and Mia in Space
5/ Max and Mia and the Mermaids
6/ Max and Mia in Ancient Egypt
7/ Max and Mia in Skimoland
8/ Max and Mia in the Princesses' Castle
Especial 1/ Max and Mia and the Secret of the Yellow Van

Upcoming books:
9/Max and Mia and the Vikings
10/Max and Mia in the Wild West