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Hopi Series

A new character who will steal children's hearts.

J. L. Badal and Zuzanna Celej, the creators of The Old Oak Legacy, bring you the new four-legged Sherlock Holmes.

One night an enormous condor drops Hopi the puppy from the sky. Hopi is taken in by Fernando, and soon shows he has a keen sense of smell, which will help Fernando and Balbina solve the mysteries they come across in each of their adventures. Funny, full of action and exquisitely illustrated, the story of Hopi has all the ingredients of an instant classic to match the stories of Beatrix Potter.

With incredible illustrations by one of Spain’s top new talents, the Polish-born Zuzanna Celej.

1/ The Mystery of the Moon
2/ The Green Dog
3/ Hopi and the Pakua Zhang
4/ Hopi and the Indian
5/ The Piggy-Skunk
6/ Mazzanti's Imagination

Uncoming books:
7/ Papabertie has disapeared
8/ The Popcorn Boy

About the authors

J.L. Badal teaches language and literature, and writes novels and poems. 20 years ago he started studying tai chi and now he gives classes. He also works on story-telling projects and plays the cello.

Zuzanna Celej has a unique graphic style that have made her one of the most iconic illustrators working in Catalonia and Spain today. She has illustrated dozens of books, several with la Galera and has won international awards and recognition.