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Don’t Leave

A novel that combines love and mystery in equal measure. Yaiza B.G. the young winner of La Galera’s Writing Workshop programme, makes her debut with a real page-turner that leaves no one indifferent.

Maybe because she is the same age as them, Yaiza B.G. (21) has the great gift of connecting perfectly with the worries and anxieties of her readers.

From English classics like Henry James to modern authors like Stephen King, remote villages have always managed to transmit great beauty and, at the same time, the most disturbing mysteries. Don’t Leave is a romantic thriller with a supernatural feel to it. But above all, it is a hymn to love, a love capable of overcoming the obstacles of time and what we consider to be the real world.

While preparing our 50th anniversary, La Galera created a Writing Workshop with the aim of finding and honing the best young unpublished talent. The idea was clear: who better to connect with the new generation of readers than someone their own age? And the prize, something any aspiring young writer would die for: seeing their first novel published. For a year, twenty young people learned the art of writing, taught by some of the Catalan most important writers.


Don’t Leave is the mysterious message that appears written on a window of the country house where Logan is spending the holidays with his parents, who are trying to get over a family crisis. The message turned up just when Logan was planning to leave, unable to cope with the silence and the forest that’s always terrified him without knowing why.

Logan will gradually discover a plot that combines the isolation of the small rural community and local legends related to witchcraft. There’s also Sena, a mysterious girl who Logan will find more and more fascinating...